Yes to the stylus!

Farhad Manjoo thinks that it makes sense to use a stylus with smart touchscreen devices, and I agree. I keep one with my Kindle Fire, and find that the stylus makes the experience of using that device much better and more efficient. Despite the advantages that Manjoo outlines (and the added benefit of keeping finger smudges off the screen), the stylus has been out of fashion since the days of the Palm Pilot. This is in part because, as Manjoo notes, Steve Jobs hated the stylus. As a result, he made sure that his iProducts worked very well without one.

There’s another big advantage of the stylus; when it’s cold outside, do you really want to take off your gloves to use your phone? I expect that this may not have occurred to Steve Jobs. After all, when he looked around his office he saw something like this:

Do you think it’s possible that Jobs would have thought differently if he had to use his iPhone here?