Mobile Diary: Not enough keyboard love?

BlackBerry announced very disappointing results today, including a loss of almost $1 billion on sales of $1.6 billion in the most recent quarter. Most of the bleeding appears to have come from poor sales of the new Z10 smartphone.

Here’s a thought: could BB have done better by focusing on its QWERTY Q10 device first, instead of trying to play touch-screen catchup with the rest of the industry? With all of the nearly-identical black rectangles in the market, the physical keyboard was BlackBerry’s best differentiator, and perhaps one they should have done more to promote.


Mobile Monday DC presents: Opportunities and Challenges in mHealth Applications: Sept. 23

Please join us for our next Mobile Monday DC event, this evening (Sept. 23) at 6 pm. We will be diving in to the very exciting and fast-changing world of mobile health applications, with a superb panel of experts in the field from business and government.

As always the event is free, but we require a simple registration beforehand.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Mobile diary: “lower cost” vs. lower cost

The new iPhone 5c is certainly colorful, but it’s far from low cost, or even “lower cost“. Sure, it’s $99 with a contract, but the full, unsubsidized, price of the device is a far-from-cheap $549 (and even more expensive in China).

Here’s a truly low cost smartphone: (unsubsidized price $149.99)

Lumia 521