Mobile Diary: How do you say “Schadenfreude” in Finnish?

The last quarter wasn’t great for Nokia, but at least they’re not Blackberry. According to, Lumia sales for the last quarter outnumber BB sales, indicating that Nokia may have a slight lead in the race for third place.


Mobile Diary: style vs. substance

Another interesting read from Michael Mace in his Mobile Opportunity blog, this time about style vs. substance in mobile applications. key quote:

Too often, we as an industry equate an app that looks simple with an app that’s easy to use. Those are two entirely different things. Stripping all the text out of an app and hiding all of the buttons makes for a beautiful demo at TechCrunch, but a horrible user experience for people who are trying to get something done with an app.

I agree with him on the subject of cryptic icons. I have a Windows phone, which has its own library of interesting symbols for different functions. Fortunately, Windows always provides text labels for icons at the bottom of the screen, so there’s always a way to decode the runes.

Mobile payments: power to the plastic!

Another day, another flashy mobile payment startup, this time Clinkle, a new venture started by a 22-year old Stanford grad who just got $25 million from a bunch of familiar Silicon Valley names.

Will this one succeed where others have failed?

As the above article makes extremely clear, there’s one big problem facing any mobile payment solution. You need to show consumers that your solution is easier and more beneficial than using their little plastic cards. I haven’t seen anything yet that can compete.

As we learned in our Mobile Monday DC session on mobile payment last year, the real goal of financial institutions and other companies who talk about “disrupting” payment is to find a way to “monetize” the payment activity through advertising, coupons, and special offers. It’s not really about making life easier for the consumer.