Forward into the past

For New Year’s 2012, a look back at the state of the mobile industry in 2002, when things were so much different, and so much the same.

nokia 7650

In November, 2002, The Economist heralded the first “smartphones” from the two dominant players at the time, Nokia and Microsoft. They predicted a “fight for digital dominance” between the two, concluding that “the firms are sure to become opponents in what promises to be a long and bitter fight.”

Of course, nobody, not even The Economist, could have predicted the iPhone revolution that re-defined the smartphone in 2007, or the alliance of the two early opponents that followed. Despite that, at least one of the predictions from 2002 still holds true, even if it applies to different “camps” than in 2002:

“…the collision of the computing and mobile-phone industries seems likely to lead to a surge of innovation, as the two camps fight it out to create a truly personal computing and communications device, with far wider appeal than the misleadingly named personal computer. And as these titans slug it out, it will be consumers who emerge as the winners.”

Best wishes for a happy, healthy, and successful 2012!


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