More Kindle Fire love

Fire inside

I’m really happy with my new Kindle Fire, and so interested to read about how other consumers and developers are responding to the device. So far, so good; GigaOm reports that software developers are interested in writing apps and solutions for the Kindle Fire, and starting to make a few bucks from it as well.

According to the Appcelerator study cited by GigaOm, developers like the low price of the tablet and trust the maturity and usability of the Amazon store. I heard similar positive comments from developers at App World in NYC earlier in November. I suspect another reason for the attraction is the sales numbers; 5 million Fires makes the extra investment in learning the Fire SDK worthwhile. This is perhaps proof again that what matters to developers isn’t volume as such, but unfragmented volume.

Show me the...

On the revenue side, it’s no surprise that Amazon knows how to sell stuff, and Amazon customers, like iPhone consumers, are more inclined to buy stuff. I joke that I’m in the “cult of Jeff” instead of the “cult of Steve”. There are similarities between the two, but the differences may give Amazon an advantage.

The iPhone built on the existing success of iPod and iTunes, which had already “trained” consumers to purchase and download music. The move from paid songs to paid apps was not a big leap, although I suspect the 99-cent song created perceptions that led to 99-cent apps.

Amazon consumers in general, and Kindle consumers in particular, are used to paying more than 99 cents for their content (e-books). With that expectation already established (Daily Deals notwithstanding), it might be easier for developers to sell more higher priced Android apps through the Amazon Store, like the $9.99 Quick Office Pro that GigaOm mentions.

Photo by Images_of_Money from flickr


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