Looking ahead

I came across a timely question from Rob Woodbridge in one of his Daily Mobile Minute videos last week: Is a tablet a PC? The iPad and other tablets certainly support many of the functions of desktop “personal computers,” but on the other hand, as Rob noted, calling them “PCs” just seems old-fashioned.

Nokia 7650

by Coleccionando Camaras from flickr

My response to Rob (on LinkedIn) was that even though tablets like the Pad (and my new Kindle Fire) are certainly “personal computers,” the term PC indeed doesn’t fit, because of the rest of the historical baggage that “PC” carries with it. Taking that a step further, terms like “PC” and “mobile telephone” are like “horseless carriage,” defining a new technology in older, familiar terms.

The iPad is already blurring the distinctions between laptops and “mobile devices”. Now the Fire and other smaller tablets are helping to “sketch out the place in between iPads and phones,” according to Linda Holmes from NPR. And then there are devices like this...

It’s clear (to me at least) that we’re moving towards a world of indispensable, seamless mobility, that we don’t have the vocabulary for yet. Any candidates?

photo by Coleccionando Camaras from flickr
Update: Corning claims that the future is all about the glass

One thought on “Looking ahead

  1. Nice post Oren. I think if a technology or a gadget fulfills a need and pleases the end- user doing so, whatever the industry wants to call it is not that important. What’s in a name right? :). Hope to see you in Boston.

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